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Part NumberDescriptionPrice
QSFP-40GD-LR40GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm QSFP+$1,249.95
QSFP-40GD-SX40GBASE-SR 150m MMF 850nm QSFP+$399.95
SFP-10GD-ER10GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm SFP+$749.95
SFP-10GD-LR10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm SFP+$149.95
SFP-10GD-LRM10GBASE-LRM 220m MMF 1310nm SFP+$399.95
SFP-10GD-SX10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm SFP+$124.95
SFP-10GD-ZR10GBASE-ZR 70km SMF 1550nm SFP+$999.95
SFP-GD-BD341000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GD-BD351000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1310nm/1550nm SFP$299.95
SFP-GD-BD431000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GD-BD531000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1550nm/1310nm SFP$299.95
SFP-GD-BX341000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GD-BX34TH1000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GD-BX431000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GD-BX43TH1000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GD-ELX1000BASE-LX 30km SMF 1310nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GD-EZX1000BASE-ZX 120km SMF 1550nm SFP$269.95
SFP-GD-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
SFP-GD-MMX1000BASE-SX 2km SMF 1310nm SFP$79.95
SFP-GD-MX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
SFP-GD-XD1000BASE-LH 40km SMF 1550nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GD-ZX1000BASE-ZX 80km SMF 1550nm SFP$149.95
XFP-10GD-LR10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm XFP$249.95
XFP-10GD-SX10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm XFP$149.95
XFP-10GED-IR210GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm XFP$749.95
PC Wholesale does not carry Original/OEM MRV transceiver modules. All of our transceivers are third party, and guaranteed compatible for all MRV switch and router product lines. These transceivers can be mixed and deployed with MRV OEM transceivers for seamless network performance and interoperability.
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