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Part NumberDescriptionPrice
3009125401000BASE-T 100m RJ-45 SFP$49.95
3009125571000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
3009129791000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
3FE25773CA1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
3HE00024AA100BASE-FX 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
3HE00027AA1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
3HE00027CA1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$59.95
3HE00028AA1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
3HE00028CA1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$69.95
3HE00029AA1000BASE-ZX 70km SMF 1550nm SFP$149.95
3HE00034AAOC-3/SR-1 2km SMF 1310nm SFP$69.95
3HE00035AAOC-3/IR-1 15km SMF 1310nm SFP$84.95
3HE00036AAOC-3/LR-1 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$149.95
3HE00039AAOC-12/MM 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$119.95
3HE00041AAOC-12/IR-1 15km SMF 1310nm SFP$149.95
3HE00042AAOC-12/LR-2 80km SMF 1550nm, SFP$299.95
3HE00045AAOC-48/SR-1 2km SMF 1310nm SFP$239.95
3HE00046AAOC-48/IR-1 15km SMF 1310nm SFP$239.95
3HE00047AAOC-48/IR-2 40km SMF 1550nm SFP$429.95
3HE00062AA1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 SFP$49.95
3HE00070AA1000BASE-CWDM 1470nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AB1000BASE-CWDM 1490nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AC1000BASE-CWDM 1510nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AD1000BASE-CWDM 1530nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AE1000BASE-CWDM 1550nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AF1000BASE-CWDM 1570nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AG1000BASE-CWDM 1590nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070AH1000BASE-CWDM 1610nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
3HE00070BA1000BASE-CWDM 1471nm 120km SMF 1471nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BB1000BASE-CWDM 1491nm 120km SMF 1491nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BC1000BASE-CWDM 1511nm 120km SMF 1511nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BD1000BASE-CWDM 1531nm 120km SMF 1531nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BE1000BASE-CWDM 1551nm 120km SMF 1551nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BF1000BASE-CWDM 1571nm 120km SMF 1571nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BG1000BASE-CWDM 1591nm 120km SMF 1591nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070BH1000BASE-CWDM 1611nm 120km SMF 1611nm SFP$299.95
3HE00070CA1000BASE-CWDM 1471nm 120km SMF 1471nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CB1000BASE-CWDM 1491nm 120km SMF 1491nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CC1000BASE-CWDM 1511nm 120km SMF 1511nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CD1000BASE-CWDM 1531nm 120km SMF 1531nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CE1000BASE-CWDM 1551nm 120km SMF 1551nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CF1000BASE-CWDM 1571nm 120km SMF 1571nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CG1000BASE-CWDM 1591nm 120km SMF 1591nm SFP$349.95
3HE00070CH1000BASE-CWDM 1611nm 120km SMF 1611nm SFP$349.95
3HE00266AA100BASE-FX 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
3HE00410AAOC-48/LR-2 80km SMF 1550nm SFP$399.95
3HE00564AA10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm XFP$249.95
3HE00566AA10GBASE-SR 300m SMF 850nm XFP$124.95
3HE00867AA1000BASE-LH 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$59.95
3HE00868AA1000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$69.95
3HE00868AB1000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$69.95
3HE04324AA1000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$249.95
3HE04324AB1000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$249.95
3HE04524AA100BASE-FX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$109.95
GBIC-C1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 GBIC$59.95
GBIC-LH-701000BASE-LH 70km SMF GBIC$149.95
GBIC-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF GBIC$39.95
GBIC-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm GBIC$29.95
iSFP-100-BX-D100BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1550nm/1310nm SFP$79.95
iSFP-100-BX-U100BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1310nm/1550nm SFP$79.95
iSFP-100-BXLC-D100BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1550nm/1310nm SFP$79.95
iSFP-100-BXLC-U100BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1310nm/1550nm SFP$79.95
iSFP-100-MM100BASE-FX 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$94.95
iSFP-100-SM15100BASE-FX 15km SMF 1310nm SFP$109.95
iSFP-100-SM40100BASE-FX 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$159.95
iSFP-10G-LR10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm SFP+$219.95
iSFP-10G-SR10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm SFP+$124.95
ISFP-GIG-BX-D100BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$129.95
ISFP-GIG-BX-U100BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$129.95
iSFP-GIG-LH401000BASE-LH 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$129.95
iSFP-GIG-LH701000BASE-LH 70km SMF 1550nm SFP$199.95
iSFP-GIG-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$69.95
iSFP-GIG-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$59.95
iSFP-GIG-T1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 SFP$49.95
MINIGBIC-1000T1000BASE-T 100m RJ-45 SFP$49.95
MINIGBIC-LH-701000BASE-LH 70km SMF 1550nm SFP$149.95
MINIGBIC-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$39.95
MINIGBIC-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
OAG-SFP-GIG-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
OAG-SFP-GIG-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
OAG-SFP-GIG-T1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 SFP$49.95
OAW-GBIC-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm GBIC$29.95
OAW-GBIC-T1000BASE-T 100m Cat5 GBIC$59.95
OAW-SFP-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
OAW-SFP-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
OAW-SFP-TX1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 SFP$49.95
OAW-XFP-LR10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm XFP$249.95
OAW-XFP-SR10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm XFP$149.95
OC12-SFP-IROC-12/IR 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$149.95
OC12-SFP-LR1-ALCATELOC-12/LR-1 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$179.95
OC12-SFP-SROC-12/SR 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$119.95
OC3-SFP-IROC-3/IR-1 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$84.95
OC3-SFP-LR1OC-3/LR-1 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$149.95
OM-10GNI-ER10GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm XENPAK$749.95
OM-10GNI-LR10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm XENPAK$249.95
OM-10GNI-SR10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm XENPAK$174.95
QSFP-40G-LR40GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm QSFP+$1,249.95
QSFP-40G-SR40GBASE-SR 150m MMF 850nm QSFP+$399.95
SFP-100-BX20LT100BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1550nm/1310nm SFP$79.95
SFP-100-BX20NU100BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1310nm/1550nm SFP$79.95
SFP-100-BXLC-D100BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1550nm/1310nm SFP$79.95
SFP-100-BXLC-U100BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1310nm/1550nm SFP$79.95
SFP-100-LC-MM100BASE-FX 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
SFP-100-LC-SM15100BASE-FX 15km SMF 1310nm SFP$59.95
SFP-100-LC-SM40100BASE-FX 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$69.95
SFP-10G-ER-ALCATEL10GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm SFP+$749.95
SFP-10G-GIG-SR10GBASE-SR/SW 300m MMF 850nm SFP+$199.95
SFP-10G-LR-ALCATEL10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm SFP+$149.95
SFP-10G-LRM-ALCATEL10GBASE-LRM 220m MMF 1310nm SFP+$299.95
SFP-10G-SR-ALCATEL10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm SFP+$124.95
SFP-DUAL-MM100BASE-FX / 1000BASE-LX Dual Speed 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$99.95
SFP-DUAL-SM10100BASE-FX / 1000BASE-LX Dual Speed 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$159.95
SFP-FC-SR2/4/8 1000BASE-SR MMF 850nm SFP+$499.95
SFP-GIG-47CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1470nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-49CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1490nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-51CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1510nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-53CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1530nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-55CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1550nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-57CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1570nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-59CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1590nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-61CWD601000BASE-CWDM 1610nm 60km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-BX-D1000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GIG-BX-D201000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GIG-BX-D401000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GIG-BX-U1000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$69.95
SFP-GIG-BX-U201000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 20km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$109.95
SFP-GIG-BX-U401000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 40km SMF 1490nm /1310 nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-14701000BASE-CWDM 1470nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-14901000BASE-CWDM 1490nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-15101000BASE-CWDM 1510nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-15301000BASE-CWDM 1530nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-15501000BASE-CWDM 1550nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-15701000BASE-CWDM 1570nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-15901000BASE-CWDM 1590nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-CWDM-16101000BASE-CWDM 1610nm 80km SMF SFP$119.95
SFP-GIG-EXTND1000BASE-SX Extended 2km SMF 850nm SFP$98.95
SFP-GIG-LH401000BASE-LH 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$59.95
SFP-GIG-LH701000BASE-LH 70km SMF 1550nm SFP$149.95
SFP-GIG-LX1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$49.95
SFP-GIG-SX1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
SFP-GIG-T1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 SFP$49.95
XFP-10G-CX410GBASE-CX4 15m CX4 XFP$699.95
XFP-10G-ER10GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm XFP$749.95
XFP-10G-ER4010GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm XFP$749.95
XFP-10G-LR10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm XFP$249.95
XFP-10G-SR10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm XFP$149.95
XFP-10G-ZR8010GBASE-ZR 80km SMF 1550nm XFP$999.95
XFP-10GE-ER4010GBASE-ER 40km SMF 1550nm XFP$749.95
XFP-10GE-LR-ALCATEL10GBASE-LR 10km SMF 1310nm XFP$219.95
XFP-10GE-SR-ALCATEL10GBASE-SR 300m MMF 850nm XFP$124.95
XFP-10GE-ZR8010GBASE-ZR 80km SMF 1550nm XFP$999.95
PC Wholesale does not carry Original/OEM Alcatel-Lucent transceiver modules. All of our transceivers are third party, and guaranteed compatible for all Alcatel-Lucent switch and router product lines. These transceivers can be mixed and deployed with Alcatel-Lucent OEM transceivers for seamless network performance and interoperability.
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