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PC Wholesale carries Sun/Oracle Original and 3rd Party memory for all Sun SPARC workstations and servers. All of our Sun memory comes with a lifetime warranty and lifetime technical support, and most modules can ship the same day.  We are specialists in Sun memory and have experts on staff to handle any questions.

PC Wholesale stocks both original and 3rd party Sun SPARC Enterprise memory. SPARC Enterprise is a collection of SPARC V9 architecture based UNIX server computers produced by Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu. All Sun SPARC Enterprise model are licensed to use Unix’s Solaris Operating System. The Solaris OS is best known for its scalability on the SPARC systems. Apart from supporting SPARC based systems, Solaris also supports x86-based workstations and servers.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise servers are divided in to two series - the SPARC Enterprise M series and the SPARC Enterprise T series

The Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series: The SPARC Enterprise M-Series are midrange to high-end servers. They are based on SPARC64 processors and offer Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) features.

The SPARC64 VI processors are dual-core while the SPARC64 VIIs are quad-core processor featuring 2-way concurrent multi-threading on each core. The SPARC64 VII+ is advanced version of the SPARC64 VII but can execute eight threads simultaneously. An outstanding advantage of the Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers is the capability to combine different processor generations. You can have the SPARC64 VI plus SPARC64 VII central processing units working and each will run at native speed without affecting the performance of the lowest unit.

Models of the Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series

·         M3000 Servers: The M3000 have only 1 processor socket and are 2U rack-mount.

·         M4000 Servers: The M4000 servers have up to 4 processor sockets offering up to 16 cores with SPARC64 VII+ processors. They are 6U rack-mount.

·         M5000 Servers: These have 8 processor sockets and a maximum of 32 cores with SPARC64 VII+ processors. They are 10U rack-mount.

·         M8000 Servers: The M8000 servers consist of a maximum of 16 processor sockets offering up to 64 cores with SPARC64 VII+. They are a one data center rack.

·         M9000 Servers: The M9000 servers offers up to 4 TB memory space, 64 processor sockets availing up to 256 cores with the SPARC64 VII+ processors. They are a one data center rack

All M-Series have one CD-RW/DVD-RW Optical Drive, Hot-swappable power supplies, fans and I/O cards. The M8000 and M900 versions have CPU memory board units. The Solaris 10 Operating System is pre-installed on all of them.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series: The SPARC Enterprise T-Series is based on the UltraSPARC T processors. The UltraSPARC T codenamed as ‘Naigara’ is a multithreading and multicore processor. The main goal of the design was to reduce energy consumption in server computers and a typical UltraSPARC T1 processor uses 72 Watts at 1.4 GHz. UltraSPARC T2 (codenamed ‘Naigara 2’) is the successor of the UltraSPARC T1 and offers an increaded L2 cache from UltraSPARC T1’s 3 MB to 4 MB though power consumption is quite higher at 95 Watts for a typical UltraSPARC T2.

Models of the Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series

·         T4-1 Server: The T4-1 server can only hold one processor offering 8 cores with SPARC T4 processors and 64 compute threads. They are two rack units

·         T4-1B Server: Apart from being in Sun Blade 6000 chassis and offering a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet I/O option, they are pretty much the same as the T4-1 servers.

·         T4-2 Server: The T4-2 server has 2 processor slots offering up to 16 cores and compute threads of 128 with the SPARC T4. They have three rack units.

·         T4-4 Server: The T4-4 servers have four processor sockets with 3.0 GHz processor speed with the SPARC T4 processors. With 32 cores and 256 compute threads the SPARC T4-4 is five rack units.

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