Sun Enterprise E10000

Maximum Memory 64gb
Memory Slots 512 - 16 CPU boards each with 32 slots (4 banks of 8)
Installation Notes Install eight memory modules at a time. Each kit has 8 modules. The Enterprise 10000 can accept up to 16 CPU boards.

Part NumberDescriptionSun Original Sun Original - Manufactured by a Sun approved vendor with Sun barcode/PN label affixed3rd Party Third Party - Memory is guaranteed compatible and manufactured to the specifications of the original part, but not by an approved vendor.
  X7022A 256mb (8x32mb) FPM 60ns DIMM Memory Kit
  X7023A 1gb (8x128mb) FPM 60ns DIMM Memory Kit
  X7026A 2gb (8x256mb) 168pin FPM DIMM Memory Kit

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