Java Workstation W1100Z

Maximum Memory 32gb
Memory Slots 4 (2 banks of 2) Install in pairs
Installation Notes 1) Except for a single DIMM in the first slot, all memory must be installed in matched pairs. Three DIMM configurations are not supported. 2) The 4 & 8GB upgrades require BIOS version R1B0S4 or later. With 4x2GB DIMMS memory speed automatically decreases to DDR333. Using the DRS2100Z/8GB upgrade automatically decreases the speed to DDR266.

Part NumberDescriptionSun Original Sun Original - Manufactured by a Sun approved vendor with Sun barcode/PN label affixed3rd Party Third Party - Memory is guaranteed compatible and manufactured to the specifications of the original part, but not by an approved vendor.
  X9208A 1gb (2x512mb) DDR-400Mhz ECC Registered Memory Kit
  X9209A 2gb (2x1gb) DDR-400Mhz ECC Registered Memory Kit
  X9210A 4gb (2x2gb) DDR-400Mhz ECC Registered Memory Kit

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