The PCW Advantage

PC Wholesale sets itself apart from its competitors through purchasing transceivers of identical quality to the OEMs, programming them to work identically to OEM transceivers, testing them to insure their compatibility, and then standing behind them for the life of the part.

We contract with similar (and sometimes the same) manufacturers as the OEM to build our transceivers. We purchase the same MSA spec, OEM quality optical transceivers as any router, switch, or server manufacturer. Optical transceivers from PC Wholesale carry the same high level of quality in discrete hardware, firmware, packet integrity, and laser strength as the manufacturer's 'approved' OEM.

What PC Wholesale does that is different than our competitors is take the state-of-the-art transceivers we've purchased from the top contract manufacturers in the industry and independently program them to work identically to the OEM's own contract manufactured transceivers.

Then, to make sure every transceiver we sell is 100% compatible with the device which they are intended to work, we have an entire facility where all we do is test each transceiver in the actual switch or router it is intended for. PC Wholesale has one of the largest multi-environment testing labs in the U.S. equipped with hundreds of switches, routers, and servers, spanning over 40 network equipment manufacturers. We mean it when we say all of our transceivers are 100% tested compatible. Whether it's a Cisco compatible GLC-SX-MM or a Moxa compatible SFP-1G20BLC, we have the gear to test and certify it.

It's a significant expense for us but a huge benefit for all of our customers, who depend on being able to trust the compatibility of the part they are purchasing. It's no small part in why we are a trusted vendor of NASA, AT&T, the U.S. Department of Defense, and thousands more universities, corporations, and organizations.

Another huge benefit to our customers is because of our size and location in Silicon Valley, we stock a much larger percentage of the parts we sell than any of our competitors. We offer same day shipping on 90% of the transceivers we sell because we have almost every part we sell in stock.

We offer 10% off and Net30 terms to all government and educational institutions, with a purchase order emailed to
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