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With the increasing usage of computers, keyboarding skills have become essential. Children must learn keyboarding skills early on as part of using computers and in order to type lessons and reports. Parents need to encourage kids to practice typing outside of school as it takes a lot of time to become efficient. It is also important to teach the proper hand and body positioning as well as correct typing techniques in order to prevent things like carpal tunnel syndrome. Learning to type need not be a boring chore; today, there are many fun games, lessons, and tests online to help kids learn keyboarding skills. With entertaining games like this, kids will love to type!


  • Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama - Very young children can practice keyboarding skills with Elmo in this game.
  • Dance Mat Typing - Dance Mat Typing is a fun multi-level game for kids to practice their keyboarding skills.
  • Growing with Technology - This fun site for kids includes multiple levels in which kids are instructed on proper finger position and posture. Animated games make typing lessons fun, and there are other lessons on using the computer as well.
  • Type Scout - Four different fun typing games, including a typing version of Tetris are available here.
  • Tux Typing - Tux Typing is a free source educational keyboarding game available for download that features Tux the penguin.
  • Typing Tutor - The object of this game is to stop the falling letters before they hit the ground by using keyboarding skills. There are different lessons to choose from and an evaluation of performance.
  • Ready, Set, Type! - Proper typing technique and tips are given and three levels of animated speed typing games in this exercise.
  • Super Hyper Spider Typer - A fun animated game for kids requiring the typist to type quickly and accurately to prevent letter carrying lizards from eating a spider.
  • Spelling and Typing Games - Typing games on several subjects help students to practice keyboarding and spelling skills.


  • Peter's online Typing Course - This no frills site offers several keyboarding lessons and exercises for beginners of any age.
  • Typing exercise - A simple typing lesson is presented for the beginning keyboarder.
  • Computer Circus - Eight lessons on typing lines of text are given in this tutorial.
  • Keyboarding - Practice drills for the new keyboarder are provided on this educational website, as well as typing tips.
  • Typing Lessons - This school website has a variety of typing lessons and reviews including symbol keys and numeric keypad lessons.
  • Touch Typing - Fifteen exercises on typing for people of all ages are available through this free program.
  • Keyboarding I - Lesson plans for download that emphasize different aspects of keyboarding as well as some holiday based activities and games.
  • Word Center - Young children can practice typing in color and shape names at the Word Center.
  • Keyboarding Skills - A fun animated speed and accuracy based game for kids featuring a spaceship, alien, and virtual characters teaching different levels of typing skills in order to win medals and trophies.
  • Keyboarding Dictation Exercises (pdf) - Simple typing dictation exercises teach home row keys.


  • Learn Typing - This comprehensive typing tutorial offers 7 lessons for beginner typists, 6 lessons for advanced typists, typing games, shortcuts, and typing tests.
  • Keyboarding Practice - Seventeen typing practice lessons and four tests for beginning keyboarders make up this comprehensive tutorial.
  • Keyboarding Practice Materials - Nineteen drills covering a variety of topics along with tips on practicing keyboarding are part of this school site.
  • Keyboarding Lessons and Ideas - Shelbyville Central Schools offers a variety of keyboarding tips and information on keyboarding as well as four different typing tests.
  • Typing Test - Six different timed typing tests using text from classic literature are available to choose from here, as well as the option to load custom text.
  • Text Type 2 - Several text typing exercises as well as practice exercise with speech are given on this website. Typists have the option to turn the lessons into tests by having them scored, and the option to show a keyboard with hands or hide it.
  • Keyboarding Skills Are Vital - A vast array of typing games and tests for kids of all ages and skill levels are featured here.
  • NimbleFingers - Keyboarders can practice with five different typing tests which contain numerous lessons. Tips on healthy typing techniques and typing tutorials are offered as well as free lessons for download.
  • Word Games Typing Test - Anyone can practice their keyboarding skills with this basic typing test.
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