Fiber Patch Cables

PC Wholesale stocks numerous high-quality fiber optic cables with a wide selection of connector, cable and core types. All of our cables are 100% inspected and tested to meet our high performance specifications. All of our cables are new and covered by our industry leading lifetime advance replacement warranty. 

At PC Wholesale we stock a variety of the best high-quality fiber patch cables. Depending on your professional background, a fiber patch cable is also known as a fiber patch cord or a fiber jumper. Designed to endure pressure and survive under the hardest situations, the core (innermost component that transports data inform of light rays) is protected by four different layers.

The first is the cable jacket, which houses all components of the cable; followed by the Strengthening fibers that protect the core from crushes especially during the installation process. Under the strengthening fiber is a thick plastic coating and finally the cladding which both protects the core and offers the necessary reflection of light to enable the light rays travel through the core.

Made out of a continuous glass strand, the core is delicate hence needs maximum protection. There are three different core sizes on the market; the 8.3/125, 50/125 and 62.5/125. The sizes are a combination of the size fiber core which is in microns (first figure) and the size of the cladding (second figure).

Types of fiber patch cables

  1. Multimode fiber: This has a larger-diameter core which enables it to carry multiple rays of light. Networking professionals mostly use this to set up networks within short distances of 600 and 300 meters for data rates of 10 Mbps and 10 Gbps respectively. They are the most suitable for office buildings.
  2. Singlemode fiber: Also known as the Monomode optical fiber is constructed to carry a single ray of light through the core. This makes the fiber support long distance connections with data rates of up to 10 Gigabits per second at up to 40 kilometers.

Copper cables have been around for a long time and there is no doubt they are more popular than the fiber jumpers but the trend is changing gradually and steadily as more and more networking professionals turn heads to the fiber patch cables for both new network connections and upgrades. Choosing between fiber and copper largely depends on the factors that apply to the project you are working on. –What are the bandwidth requirements, distance to be covered, future upgrades and the budget? If your biggest concern is the cost then copper will be your preferred option but at the expense of the advantages below.

Why opt for fiber patch cables over copper cables?

  • Security: Every business online needs the best security and that can only be attained by fiber networks. A fiber network makes network tapping very difficult for intruders. In addition to that it is also designed to sustain electrical interference.
  • Reliability: Due to the glass material content which acts as an insulator, the cable is protected from electrical currents that may have passed through it. This same reason makes it possible to install fiber patch cables alongside heavy electrical installations hence easier and cheaper network installation.
  • Distance: A copper cable is suitable for distances of about 100 meters, but a fiber can transmit data from 300 meters up to 40 Kilometers. By use of some special commercially available transceivers, you can double that to 80 Kilometers.
  • Bandwidth: Fiber networks can handle data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second. Way much faster than what copper has to offer. The speed offered by a fiber network provides room for expansion especially when there is need of data speed increase.

Having looked at the advantages of fiber over copper, as a professional it is your duty to advise your clients accordingly. We’ll strive to see that you find all your networking needs from cables to networking memory on PC wholesale. Our cables are all brand new and we ensure they are double inspected and tested to meet our high performance specifications.

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