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PC Wholesale stocks and supplies LC to LC fiber patch cables ideal for Gigabit Ethernet. The LC fiber optics patch cables are also ideal for industrial and military use thanks to their low insertion loss. We stock the industry’s best quality LC to LC fiber patch cables with the industry leading lifetime replacement warranty on all our cables.

What are LC fiber optic patch cables?

LC fiber optic patch cables have a small form factor (SFF) connector consisting of O.D Zirconia ceramic ferrule of 1.25mm with either a PC or APC end-face. SFP, SFP+ and XFP are the transceivers that have LC connectors. LC connectors are sometimes called Little Connectors. LC fiber patch cables are compact and pull-proof; and because of this, they are preferred for industrial and military use. They are also the best option for high density applications and dense installations. LC fiber patch cables are typically designed for e-patching applications.

Applications of the LC to CL fiber patch cables

    • Video & multimedia
    • Industrial & military
    • Test & measurement
    • Premise installation
    • Gigabit Ethernet

Types of LC to LC fiber optic patch cables:

LC to LC Singlemode Simplex fiber patch cables: These use the 9/125 single mode cable and are ideal for long distance networking due to their ability to only carry a single data signal. Made according to the industrial and international standards, the LC to LC simplemode simplex fiber optic patch cables feature the RJ-45 style interface with extremely low insertion loss and low back reflections. They can be used for video & multimedia, industrial & military, telecommunication networks and premise installations.

LC to LC Singlemode Duplex fiber patch cables: These use the same 9/125 singlemode fiber cables like the singlemode simplex and are ideal for high density network applications. The LC to LC singlemode duplex fiber cables are suitable for industrial & military, premises installations and video & multimedia uses.

LC to LC Multimode Duplex fiber patch cables: This is usually used for shorter distance data transmission compared to the singlemode duplex cables as they have a larger diametrical core hindering signals to travel for long distances. They come in 62.5/125 and 50/125 multimode fibers. They also feature the RJ-45 style interface with low insertion loss and low back reflection. They are ideal for industrial, military and premises installations. You can order with optional outer diameters of 0.9mm, 1.8mm, 2mm and 3mm.

Basically, the LC to LC simplemode and multimode duplex fiber patch cables offer the same features though the simplemode simplex and duplex are highly preferred and intended for long distance data transmissions.

Other fiber optic patch cables in the market that PC Wholesale also stocks include; LC to ST, SC to ST, LC to SC and 10 Gigabit Ethernet cables. All fiber patch cables are double checked, inspected and tested to 100% meet our high quality standards.

Apart from the fiber cables we also stock a large variety of networking memory and transceivers making PC Wholesale a one stop online shop for networking professionals for all their networking needs.
All our fiber optic patch fibers are under the industry leading lifetime warranty. Since we stock a wide selection of connectors, cable size and core types, most orders are shipped on the same day and we offer free shipping for orders over $100.

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