Classroom Technology Resources for Teachers

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Newer interactive classroom technology like SMART Boards, Promethean boards, and virtual fieldtrips help teachers incorporate fascinating lesson plans that are designed to encourage increased participation and collaboration. These new technologies can help teachers connect with students through exciting new lesson plans that really capture students' attention. Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to seamlessly integrate audio, video, and other digital information into their curricula.

Review these resources for helpful tips and examples of how to make the most of interactive classroom technology. Find ways to utilize interactive classroom technology across all subjects with these suggested lesson plans and activity ideas. Use these links to explore great ideas designed to engage and connect with students, as well as tips on how to utilize this new technology to optimize traditional lesson plans.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies Online: A comprehensive resource for using technology to teach social studies. It includes lesson plans, interactive activities, study materials, and additional resources.
  • Take a Virtual Field Trip: A list of social studies virtual trips covering topics including the Civil War, Native American Culture, Colonial America, and more.
  • Cultural Virtual Field Trips: A selection of virtual field trips geared toward introducing younger students to new cultures from around the world.
  • SMARTBoard Resources: An extensive list of SMARTBoard lesson planning resources as well as a large list of activities for all subjects, including social studies.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Resources: A thorough list of SMART technologies teaching resources, including subject specific resources for topics including social studies.
  • 21st Century Learning Initiative: Social Studies curriculum resources, categorized by topic, for use with interactive classroom technology.
  • Interactive Websites for Social Studies: Sites categorized by subject, including social studies, suitable for interactive learning use.



  • Elementary SMARTBoard Lessons: An extensive list of SMART-friendly lesson plans for subjects including science and more, organized by subject and grade level.
  • Electronic (Virtual) Field Trips: A compilation of virtual field trips related to nature, natural history, and more.
  • Virtual Trips: Resources for earth and space science, natural history, and other science and math-related virtual field trips.
  • Online Resources for Interactive Whiteboards: This assorted list of interactive websites, including SMARTBoard and Promethean Board resources, lists several useful science websites.
  • SMART Interactive Sites: Links to other directory sites and subject-specific interactive whiteboard resources, including several science-only websites.
  • Answers through Exploration: An actively updated source for topic-based science virtual fieldtrips, filmed during actual scientific expeditions.

English Language Arts/Vocabulary

  • Second Grade Lesson Plans: A substantial list of SMARTBoard lesson plans for second grade language arts coursework, as well as other subjects.
  • SMARTBoard Literacy Links: SMARTBoard based language arts activities and lesson plans for students ranging from grades K-5.
  • Read Write Think: Provides an extensive database of free materials for teaching language arts and literacy, with materials for all levels of education.
  • Woodlands Literacy Zone: Well-organized list of interactive language arts activities, covering vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and writing for elementary students.
  • Literacy Web Resources: A large list of interactive language arts activities for elementary age students, ranging from game-based vocabulary building sites to targeted grammar exercises.
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