PC Wholesale is the worldwide leader of both Approved and 3rd Party Cisco memory upgrades. All memory we sell comes with a lifetime warranty and most can ship the same day you order. PC Wholesale offers a 10% discount and Net30 terms to all government and educational institutions, with a purchase order faxed to 408-247-8983 or sent by email

800 Series Router Memory

1000 Series Router Memory

1400 Series Router Memory

1600 Series Router Memory

1700 Series Router Memory

1800 Series Router Memory

1900 Series Router Memory

2500 Series Router Memory

2600 Series Router Memory

2600XM Series Router Memory

2800 Series Router Memory

2900 Series Router Memory

3000 Series VPN Concentrator Memory

3100 Series Router Memory

3200 Series Router Memory

3600 Series Router Memory

3700 Series Router Memory

3800 Series Router Memory

3900 Series Router Memory

4000 Series Catalyst Memory

4000 Series Router Memory

4500 Series Catalyst Memory

5000/5500 Series Catalyst Memory

6000/6500 Series Catalyst Memory

6400 Universal Access Concentrator Memory

7000 Series Router Memory

7100 Series Router Memory

7200 Series Router Memory

7300 Series Router Memory

7400 Series Router Memory

7500 Series Router Memory

7600 Series Router Memory

7750 Series Integrated Communications Systems Memory

7800 Series Media Convergence Server (MCS) Memory

8500 Series Catalyst Memory

10000 Series Memory

11500 Series CSS Memory

12000 Series Memory

Access Server Memory

Aggregation Services Router (ASR) Memory

ASA 5500 Adaptive Security Appliance Memory

CRS-1 Line Card Chassis Memory

DFC Memory

FlexWAN Memory

GRP Memory

Line Card Memory

MSFC Memory

Nexus 7000 Series Memory

NPE Memory

NRP Memory

PIX Firewall Memory

PRE Memory

PRP Memory

RSP Memory

Supervisor Engine Memory

UCS (Unified Computing System) Server Memory

VIP Memory

VPN Concentrator Memory

WAE (Wide Area Application Engine) Memory

WAVE (Wide Area Virtualization Engine) Memory

Have you been scouring the internet hoping to buy Cisco memory that is not only dependable, but affordable as well? Would you like to be able to select from a catalog that contains a wide variety of both Cisco approved memory and 3rd Party options to give you some leeway in terms of pricing? If this describes your situation, then your online search for Cisco memory has finally ended.

PC Wholesale is the worldwide leader of both Approved and 3rd Party Cisco memory upgrades, and we are also known as a transceiver authority throughout the industry. All of the Cisco router memory that we sell comes with a lifetime warranty! With such an extensive warranty in place, you can gain some much-needed peace of mind knowing that your investment in your Cisco router memory is safe and that you will not have to worry about paying more for expensive repairs in the future. In addition to our lifetime warranty on Cisco router RAM and other products in our catalog, we do our best to give you the fastest delivery possible, as most can ship on the same day you order. The benefits of shopping for Cisco router RAM through PC Wholesale do not stop there, however. We are proud to offer a 10% discount and Net 30 terms to all government and educational institutions. This money-saving discount and these favorable terms can be achieved for the aforementioned organizations with a purchase order faxed to 408-247-8983.

One reason why PC Wholesale is the worldwide leader for approved and 3rd party Cisco memory is our selection. We offer approximately 50 different categories of Cisco memory in our online catalog. Whether it's Cisco router memory or server memory that you require, we have everything to fulfill your needs. Why do we offer approved and 3rd party memory? To give you added selection. As you click on each of the memory products on our site, you will see that some come in both approved and 3rd party versions. Approved products are produced by Cisco approved vendors, while 3rd party products are not. They are still manufactured to ensure complete compatibility, however, and also offer the advantage of lower prices.

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