Cisco WAE (Wide Area Application Engine)

At PC Wholesale we stock Cisco approved and third party memory for Cisco Wide Area Application Engine (WAE) appliances. WAE are basically platforms that consist of powerful and scalable network equipment hosting Cisco Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization solutions. WAE accelerates applications that are shared over a wide area and makes them like LAN applications.

The WAE appliances also provide a platform where the Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application services Software) and the Cisco ACNS (Application and Content Networking System Software) are hosted. The ACNS can be configured on some specific models as a content distribution manager (CDM), content router or a content engine. Note –that you can configure it to do only one of those; you can’t configure two at a time. On supported models, the configurations can be changed with a Command-Line interface (CLI).

There are five types of WAE appliances, they are: 

1. WAE-512: These are ideal for small to medium branch offices. They can accommodate RAM of 1 and 2 GB with a storage capacity of 250 GB.
2. WAE-612: These can be edge deployed in medium sized and relatively large branch offices and core deployments from small to medium data centers. They can hold a RAM of either 2 GB or 4 GB with a storage capacity of 300 GB. They also have a HDD replacement that is WAAS supported (hot-swap).
3. WAE-674: The WAE 674 are ideal for medium to large sized branch office and like the Cisco WAE-612 they have HDD replacement that are hot swap and supported by WAAS though with an optional upgrade of the power supplies. They also have 600 GB storage capacity doubling that of the WAE 612 and can be core deployed at small to medium data centers.
4. WAE-7341: They have a 12 GB Cisco memory with 900 GB HDD capacity. These are ideal to be deployed at larger data centers. They also have a HDD replacement which is hot-swap and WAAS supported in addition to redundant power supplies.
5. WAE-7371: This is the most advanced WAE and holds a maximum RAM of 24 GB and a storage capacity of 1.5 TB. The hardware comes with redundant power supplies and a HDD replacement that is WAAS supported. They are ideal for extremely large centers.

While both the Cisco WAE-512 and Cisco WAE-612 are one rack units and have one inline card four port network interface card (NIC) support for deploying inline Cisco WAAS, the WAE-675, WAE-7341 together with the WAE 7371 all are two racked with two inline card support for optional 4-port network interface card for inline Cisco WAAS deployment. PC Wholesale stocks and supplies all the Wide Area Application Engine memory for the above WAE appliances online.

Using WAE Appliances deployed with WAAS enables companies or business to achieve the key objectives in Information Technology which include;

• Reducing costs of running businesses: By centralizing all branch office IT resources in once data center greatly reduces the cost of WAN setup and bandwidth hence reducing cost.
• Provide data security: Since the data is centralized, data protection processes are simplified.
• Improve employee productivity: It also enhances user experience of employees for vital business applications delivered over the WAN.
• Saves time: Minimizes the time that would be required to deliver new IT services to the different branch offices.

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