Cisco 3800 Series Router Memory

PC Wholesale stocks Cisco router memory for all the Cisco 3800 Series Router versions. The Cisco 3800 Series Routers are ideal for deployments at medium to large sized branch offices. With an enhanced secure platform, the Cisco 3800 Series Routers provide a simultaneous wire speed data, voice and video delivery. The Cisco 3800 series are best known for their reliability and availability.

There are two Cisco 3800 Series Router versions;

1. Cisco 3825 Router: The Cisco 3825 Router have 2 rack Units, an external redundant power supply and ½ T3 Services at Line rate. They also support VPN payload encryption with K9 software. There is the 3825-NOVPN type of the Cisco 3825 Router that does not support VPN payload encryption.
2. Cisco 3845 Router: The Cisco 3846 router is a 3 rack unit with internal redundant power supply and T3 services at Line Rate. Just like the Cisco 3825 router, the Cisco 3845 router also has a ‘No VPN payload encryption’ dubbed 3845-NOVPN.

Cisco 3800 Series Router Features
    • 2 built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps routed ports
    • 2500 VPN tunnels
    • 112 switch ports offering 10/100 Mbps
    • Wireless LAN support (Standards 802.11a/b/g)
    • The Cisco 3845 router has built-in redundant power supply.
    • Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) port support.
    • A broad range of interface from a modular platform
    • Built-in security
    • 240 and 720 IP phone users support by Cisco CallManager Express (CCE) and Cisco Survivable Site Telephony (SRST) respectively.
    • Cisco IP Base software
    • 4 high-speed WAN integration Module (AIM) slots
    • Four PVDM slots

Support provided by the Cisco 3800 Series Routers
    • They have integrated GE ports that support copper and fiber cables.
    • They also support over 90 new and existing modules.
    • Supports AIMs, WICs, VICS, VWICs and NMs.
    • Through the 4 High-speed WAN Interface Card Slots, they support increased density.
    • Enhanced investment protection through increased performance, modularity and availability.
    • Support of both analog and digital voice call.
    • Optional voice mail support.
    • Up to 2000 VPN tunnels.
    • AIM-EPII-Plus Module support.
    • Antivirus defense support. This is offered by the Network Admission Control (NAC)

Cisco ceased selling the Cisco 3800 Series Routers with an end of sale date (last day to order for the product through Cisco’s point of sale system) set on November 1, 2011. In the announcement made by Cisco, October 31, 2014 is to be the last day Cisco Engineers will release any bug fixes and software maintenance. After this date Cisco will neither provide any repair, maintenance nor test product software. October 31 2016 is set to be the last day, networking professionals or administrators can receive service and support in regards of the product. After that, the product will be regarded as obsolete.

On the contrary, networking professionals or owners of the Cisco 3800 Series Router shouldn’t worry about Cisco memory for the phased out Cisco 3800 Series Routers as PC Wholesale has networking memory for both versions of the Cisco 3800 Series online.

The good news is that Cisco introduced the Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2) and urges customers to migrate to it. The (ISR G2) Cisco 3900 Series Routers offer service virtualization, video-ready capabilities and through the widest array of WAN connectivity they deliver concurrent application services at high performances at up to 375 Mbps. These are typically designed for application demands of medium to large branch offices. PC Wholesale also Cisco approved and third party 3900 Series Router memory.

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