Cisco 2800 Series Router Memory

Cisco 2800 series routers are perfect for small, medium and large businesses. The Cisco 2800 product family has an integrated routing architecture providing the best performance and reliability for any demanding applications a business would need. With improved security, the Cisco 2800 series router is an award winner of the 2007 Product Leadership Award. Perhaps due to Cisco’s investment in security and flexibility, the 2800 series memory has become popular among networking professionals of late.

The Cisco 2800 Series routers come in four versions;
    1. Cisco 2801 routers
    2. Cisco 2811 routers
    3. Cisco 2821 routers
    4. Cisco 2851 routers

The Cisco 2801 and 2811 routers are categorized together as they are one rack unit in height and both have two 10/100 LAN ports. The Cisco 2821 and 2851 routers are more powerful than the 2801 and 2811 routers as they are two rack unit in height with 10/100/1000 LAN ports. The 2821 and 2851 routers provide an increased performance, increased density and increased inline power output making them ideal for more demanding networks.

Features of the Cisco 2800 Series router:

    • Cisco Configured Professional (CCP)
    • Built-in security.
    • Offers a wide range of options of interfaces
    • 2 in-built routed ports of 10/100/1000 Mbps
    • 64 switch ports of 10/100 Mbps
    • DC power for device networking offered by the Power over Ethernet (PoE).
    • They also have 1500 VPN tunnels
    • They offer Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) port support apart from the 2801 model
    • Cisco CallManager Express –CME
    • The Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRTS)
    • Apart from the 2801 version, they have in-built redundant power supply connectors

Types of Cisco memory in the 2800 series routers.

1.    DRAM: The DRAM is primarily used by the network interfaces to buffer packets. It is also responsible for storing running configuration in addition to being where the Cisco IOS software executes. The 2801 and 2811 routers use SDRAM DIM type with a maximum of 384 MB and ECC DDR(error correcting code, double data rate) DRAM DIM with 758 MB maximum memory capacity respectively. Both the Cisco 2821 and the 2851 use the ECC DDR DRAM DIM with a maximum of 1 GB.  

2.    Boot/NVRAM: This can also be referred to as the internal flash memory. It is where the startup configurations, configuration register and the bootstrap are stored. The Cisco 2801 routers contain an internal flash memory of 4MB while the others have internal 2MB flash memory.

3.    Flash memory: This is also known as the External flash memory and it’s purpose is to store the operating system software image. All Cisco 2800 series routers come with a default of 64MB external CompactFlash memory cards but the 2801 router has an option of 128MB while the rest have 128MB and 256MB.

Why opt for 2800 Series router?

These Cisco routers have in-built router security. In-built router securities help you apply security functions where necessary. You can apply functions like firewall and IPS at any point in the network including remote locations. They also allow you to get additional protection without having to deploy additional hardware since you have the ability to create new network security features using the Cisco IOS software on any of your existing routers hence minimizing costs.

With the Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP), router management is simplified as network security administrators can easily deploy routers with confidence. CCP functions include, a one-click router lockdown, router status monitor, WAN & VPN connectivity issues trouble shooting and Innovative voice and security auditing capabilities to check and recommend router configurations.

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