Cisco 2600XM Series Router Memory

The new Cisco 2600XM series branch office routers enhance the Cisco 2600 Series by significantly increasing performance and memory without an increase in price. These improvements allow users to more efficiently extend productivity-enhancing Internet and Web-based applications to branch and remote offices. Cisco 2600XM Series routers enable users to address their WAN access needs while providing a platform for additional applications, from VPN and security to VoIP. PC Wholesale stocks both DRAM and Flash memory upgrades for Cisco 2600XM series routers.

Advantages of the Cisco 2600XM Series over the Cisco 2600 Series

The performance of the Cisco 2600XM Series has been increased by up to 33 % to take care of the processor intensive services.
The Cisco 2600XM Series offers increased maximum SDRAM memory of 128 MB compared to the 64 MB of the Cisco 2600 Series. The new 128 MB also replaced the two 64 M SDRAM DiMMs with just one 128 MB DIMM.
The Cisco 2600XM Series also provide an increased flash memory of 48MB while the Cisco 2600 Series’ maximum is 16 MB.
The Cisco 2600XM Series present an increased default memory
All 2600XM models are incorporated with 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports while other Cisco 2600 Series versions don’t offer the support.
12.1 mainline (12.1.14) support for 2650XM and 2651XM versions while the 2600 series are not.
The Cisco 2600XM Series offers an upgraded security solution and broadband 2600XM product bundles. The bundles ease ordering while lowering solution costs.
The Cisco 2600XM Series has a Mainline IOS with the support of 12.1(14) and 12.2(12), in addition to 12.2(8)T1 making it pretty easy to be field-upgraded on all Cisco 2600XM Series routers.
The Cisco 2600XM Series also offer a high business-class security since they are can easily be optimized for VPNs. This enables secure shared network usage with security levels and performance similar to that of a private network –eliminating common problems of point-to-point links as customers are allowed to deploy ADSL and SHDSL.

Since the Cisco 2600XM Series Multiservice Platform is ideal for DSL connectivity, six DSL router bundles have been created to offer easy ordering solutions to customers for their DSL networking needs. These router bundles are categorized in to two types; the Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) and the Symmetric high speed digital subscriber line (ADSL). The Cisco 2611XM, 2621XM and 2651XM can feature either the ADSL or the SHDSL router bundles.

All the above Cisco 2600XM series offer two WAN interface card slots, Dual Fast Ethernet Router and a NM slot. Flash memory and DRAM were upgraded to 32 MB and 128 MB respectively. Additionally, they feature Cisco IOS SP Services. The Cisco 2611XM-ADSL, Cisco 2621XM-ADSL, Cisco 2651XM-ADSL router bundles have WIC-1ADSL while the Cisco 2611XM-SHDSL, Cisco 2621XM-SHDSL, Cisco 2651XM-SHDSL router bundles feature WAN Interface Card-1SHDSL-V2.

The Cisco 2600XM bundles can easily be deployed as DSL CPE to take full advantage of the flexibility. In addition to that, the Cisco 2600XM bundles can act as complements to Cisco SOHO, 1700 DSL and 800 bundles.

With technological growth, service providers and entrepreneurs continue to broaden the deployment of voice services to remote customers which would have been hard to achieve with traditional technologies, but high bandwidth WAN links like the DSL coupled with QoS mechanisms make it possible to achieve quality voice traffic. While Service providers form differentiated service options, companies or entrepreneurs benefit from the high-quality and reliability of the improved connectivity at lower costs.

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