5 New Careers Dominating the Information Technology World This Year

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While many industries in the United States are experiencing fluctuations in employment rates, one thing seems for certain: IT jobs, especially in specialized fields, are on the rise. This is inevitable - as technology evolves, a rise in IT career options seems only natural. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of these up-and-coming information technology careers and discuss what they entail and their median salary ranges.

In-Demand IT Jobs

Below is a list of five new careers dominating the information technology sector. If you are looking for information on the hottest information technology careers, check out the listings below.

Mobile Technology Expert

Median Approximate U.S. Salary Range: $73,000

It is no surprise that jobs in the mobile technology sector are experiencing a boom. Not too long ago, hardly anyone owned a cell phone - now you can't even go to the movies without someone chatting on one. Mobile technology isn't just relegated to phone use, either - it also applies to tablets as well.

IT jobs in the mobile technology arena include mobile app developers, mobile strategy architects, and information security professionals. While mobile training and implementation in a corporate setting is also growing, the true growth areas are mobile programming and mobile security.

Social Media Architect and Developer

Median Approximate U.S. Salary Range: $87,790

Of all of the hot information technology careers, social media architects have probably experienced the most upheaval and change. Formerly, social media was all about the marketer - now, however, new opportunities are opening up, as large corporations seek to implement and take advantage of an entirely new generation of social media platforms and tools. Integrating existing tools and technologies with these new platforms is no easy task, and simply adding a plug-in to a website no longer quite does the trick.

Because new social media networks and tools pop up seemingly everyday (some stick and some don't), and as social media continues to become more important to us as a society, expect the role of social media architects and developers to continue to shine as one of the bright spots in the world of IT jobs.

Enterprise Mobile Developer

Median Approximate U.S. Salary Range: $94,000

Enterprise mobile developers differ from mobile technology experts in a number of ways. For starters, they operate in an enterprise environment and put an emphasis on both compliance and security. Having a sound knowledge in mobile Web development is also handy, as more and more companies realize the important of mobile and responsive Web design.

Currently 70% of business owners lack a mobile or responsive site, while the average citizen relies more and on mobile applications in their daily life - consider the fact that you really have no need to visit your bank anymore - you can deposit checks, transfer money, and even pay with your mobile device. Because of this growing trend, enterprise mobile developers should be in demand for a while to come.

Cloud Architect

Median Approximate U.S. Salary Range: $109,000

The phrase "cloud" really took off a few years ago, so much so that elderly people were constantly asking me (sometimes hilarious) questions about cloud technology. I've been asked such questions as: "How do they put the data in the clouds?" and "What happens on days when the sky is clear?" As the term has weaved its way into our culture, so, too, has the need for the technology, as business owners realize the need for cloud technology.

Data Scientist

Median Approximate U.S. Salary Range: $117,500

Data scientists are an offshoot of data analysts, with a focus on both the information technology realm and the business world as well. In this job role, you will be expected to analyze data from multiple sources and find trends, areas that need improvement, or new areas of growth, then relay that information to business professionals who may or may not be tech savvy.

Simply put, the role of a data scientist is to find weaknesses and strengths in an organization and show others how to grow from - or overcome - them.

The information technology world will continue to shift and evolve as new technologies and protocols are invented, and out of that evolution, new jobs and trends will appear as well, so it is always important to have a solid understanding of not only technology from the past and present but emerging technologies as well. Forbes has a great article covering the short history of information technology that is really eye-opening in terms of how far we have come in a short space of time.

From a future perspective, I recommend learning more about upcoming technologies that could very well change the world. It should give you some insight into where the technology world is heading, and this article is also a pretty cool read!

Of course, understanding what makes technology fail is just as important as understanding what makes it succeed, and because of that, you should read this informative piece from CIO magazine about 12 recent technologies that have yet to live up to their hype. While I do not necessarily agree with every item on the list, it is still insightful and pretty spot-on in some key areas.

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