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Going Green with Your Computer

In the United States, computers have become a part of mainstream life. While not everyone owns a computer, many people not only have one at home but rely on it for many of their activities, such as homework, research, banking, or shopping. Aside from personal use, businesses...

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PC-Wholesale's Guide to Building a Computer

Personal computers (PCs), especially desktop systems, offer users a great degree of freedom and the power to run a host of programs that are convenient and beneficial. Often, desktop computers are the center of the...

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The Internet is a great place for children to learn, and they are encouraged to start using a computer at school and home at an early age. Now more than ever, kids are also using social media sites as a way to...

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Virtual Computer Field Trips

Field trips are a wonderful way for students to experience new things. While traditional field trips are typically limited to locations in the local community, virtual field trips open up whole new worlds of learning. These virtual experiences allow students to explore...

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Computer Accessibility for Special Needs Individuals

Recent advances in technology, especially with computers, are helping to close the gap for individuals with special needs. Thanks to such technology, those with special needs are able to learn in the classroom...

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A Student's Guide to Short and Long-Term Memory

Short-term and long-term memory are needed to adequately recall and process information to be used over a longer period of time. Often, the term "working memory" is used when referring to short-term memory, although...

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Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Memory

Memory is a crucial part of being an individual. It is a cognitive process in which a person is able to acquire, retain, and recall information. This retained or stored information is often a collection of impressions...

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PC Wholesale's Guide to Educational Computer Math Games

Math can be a tough subject for a lot of students, but it can also be a lot of fun! With so many different ways to learn all about the basics of math online, there are plenty of great games and activities available...

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PC Wholesale's Guide to the Ancient Astronomical Computer

While the computer is a modern-day apparatus, its early predecessor dates back to the first century B.C. In 1901, an ancient astronomical computer named the Antikythera Mechanism was recovered from a shipwreck off...

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Effects of Sitting at a Computer on Your Body

From typing up business reports to blogging at home, the Internet is used more on a daily basis than ever before. An average person spends seven hours every day on the computer or phone or in front of the television...

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A Guide to Computers for Kids

Computers are a huge part of our lives. Our cars have computers in them, our buildings are run by computers, and our cell phones have computers in them as well. You need computers to access the Internet, where you can find information on just about every subject...

View This Article's Guide To HTML

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the coding language used to create web pages. It is one of the easiest coding languages to learn and use. However, learning basic HTML is just the beginning. You can create a webpage with just a basic understanding of HTML...

View This Article's Computer Font Guide

The beauty about fonts is that they can be funky, fun, professional, bubbly, or even bold. There are thousands of special, unique and creative fonts out there to choose from. You can even create your own...

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A Guide to Computers for Seniors

In today's society, computers play a significant role in nearly all aspects of life; however, their importance and usefulness isn't solely limited to younger generations. Today's seniors can be, and in many cases are, tech - savvy individuals who are as familiar...

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PC Keyboarding Skills

It's important for everyone in the world to learn how to type and use a computer. If you have good typing skills then you will be able to be better in almost every part of your life, like at home, school, and even years later when you have a job!

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PC Mouse Exercises

Knowing how to operate a mouse is a large component of computer literacy. Without a mouse's basic functions - like pointing, clicking, dragging, and dropping - using a computer can be a challenging or impossible task. While some of these functions...

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Computer Code Cracking and Cryptology

After signing the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, Germany's defense establishment was anxious to improve its compromised communications efforts and recognized the potential of a signaling machine that had been made...

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Computer Recycling Guide

Computers don't last forever. Over time parts become outdated, obsolete, and damaged. With newer designs and models cropping up every day, owners are often left wondering what to do with old computers. Computer recycling is not only good for the environment...

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Computer Memory Games for Kids

All of us are born with a memory but we do have to practice using it well in order to keep it working efficiently. Our memories work in a couple of different ways. Short term memory is used to remember small amounts of information for a brief period of time.

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Improving Memory Retention

A person's memory is what stores, or retains information that is seen, heard, learned, or otherwise experienced. The ability to recall and use that information is also courtesy of one's memory. There are different types of memory that retain information in different ways.

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Memory and the Human Brain

The human brain is undoubtedly the most fascinating organ in our bodies. Even with all of the most advanced technologies, scientists and doctors still cannot precisely explain many processes performed by the brain. Our memories are not physical things.

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The Benefits of Computers In The Classroom

The public education system no longer considers the integration of technology as a debatable issue in the classroom. In fact, many schools have started to incorporate the technological use of computers and mobile devices...

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Classroom Technology Resources for Teachers

Newer interactive classroom technology like SMART Boards, Promethean boards, and virtual fieldtrips help teachers incorporate fascinating lesson plans that are designed to encourage increased participation and collaboration.

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PC's Guide To Keyboarding

With the increasing usage of computers, keyboarding skills have become essential. Children must learn keyboarding skills early on as part of using computers and in order to type lessons and reports.

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PC Safety and Security Tips

Computers are an essential tool that can be found in many modern households. People use them for entertainment, to do homework, communicate with others, and even to work and make money. A home computer is also often used to store personal information...

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WiFi: The Invention of the Wireless Router

It's extremely difficult to credit any single individual or inventor with the creation of the wireless router and the WiFi wireless Internet-transmission standard. These inventions have become such a pervasive...

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Internet and Computer Safety and Security Resources

The Internet offers many benefits; it is a global marketplace, entertainment medium, forum ideas, and a meeting place for people from all over the world. At the same time, however, it also introduces new threats to one's safety.

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The Complete Transceiver Definition and Vocabulary Glossary

This glossary explains and elaborates on terms that you may come across when exploring information about transceivers. If you're exploring the site and have found yourself wondering what the actual transceiver definition is...

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