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HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the coding language used to create web pages. It is one of the easiest coding languages to learn and use. However, learning basic HTML is just the beginning. You can create a webpage with just a basic understanding of HTML, but to create a site that can compete on the Internet, you will need to learn advanced HTML techniques as well as some other Web languages. Starting from the beginning is not hard, but it is necessary to reach the intermediate and advanced levels of web development.


  • What Exactly is HTML? An explanation of HTML, including terms, how it's structured on the page and other general tips and rules. A part of a larger discussion on how to build a webpage.
  • Vertebrate Zoology - How to Create HTML Documents An overview of how to create an HTML document. Starting with an introduction to HTML and continuing with instruction on which tools to use and other design considerations.
  • A Guide to HTML - A shorter overview of HTML from the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. A part of a longer document on constructing a webpage, including a section on style.
  • Basic HTML An HTML tutorial with additional information on text styling. Also included additional resources.
  • Presentation (Building a webpage tutorial) This tutorial introduces the concept of building a webpage with HTML. It uses pictures and links to additional information to guide readers through creating a page, including the substructure of folders.
  • Beginning HTML A beginner's guide to coding in HTML. Includes examples and illustrative sample pages using those codes.
  • A Simple Introduction to HTML A simple guide that shows how easy it is to start making pages with HTML.
  • Chapter 1 Getting Started: A Simple Web Site Shows how to create a simple web page, continues into further discussion of CSS.
  • What is HTML? - HTML Tutorial A full tutorial including links to various resources and tools for HTML. Also has resources for more advanced web creation tools and tutorials.
  • COMM 750, Web Studies/Digital Media An introduction to both HTML and beginner-level CSS.
  • Creating HTML Documents A slightly more in-depth look at creating HTML documents.
  • General Tips A few things to consider before starting with HTML.
  • Web Publishing Learning HTML A tutorial with objectives and goals, as well as the tools to reach those goals.
  • HTML An old but incredibly simple look at HTML and how to start writing it in plain text.
  • HTML I A full look at creating and structuring a webpage with HTML.
  • Learning HTML A full HTML tutorial that uses simple language so that everyone can understand it.


  • Introduction to Web Design A full collection of tutorials that delves into web development. Starting with an HTML intro that moves into more advanced methods of web design.

More Resources

  • W3 Schools HTML Tutorials W3 is the ultimate web development resource. Its HTML tutorials start with beginner lessons and move into advanced HTML techniques. It uses simple language, examples and places to try each example on your own.
  • Web Education Community Group Wiki The Wiki of the World Wide Web Consortium, which is the standards keeper of the World Wide Web. The front page of the guide goes through Web standards, including HTML with links to more about each of them.
  • HTML A guide to HTML, including resources, tutorials and references from the Mozilla Developer Network.
  • HTML Dog Tutorials One of the best resources for HTML, CSS and JavaScript tutorials available.
  • HTML Living Standard A frequently updated copy of the full HTML standard.
  • HTML Goodies An advanced resource focused on HTML and web development.
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