Computer Memory Games for Kids

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All of us are born with a memory but we do have to practice using it well in order to keep it working efficiently. Our memories work in a couple of different ways. Short term memory is used to remember small amounts of information for a brief period of time. For example, your mom or dad asks you to remember a phone number for them while they get a pen to write it down, you use your short term memory. It means that you will most likely remember the phone number for just a few minutes. Long term memory is used to remember information even years later. For example, people might remember their first day of school, or a particularly exciting birthday party, or their favorite childhood toy. There are many fun games that kids can play online to improve and test their memory skills. And as always, please no wagering.

  • Animal Tracks - Look at all the animals and their respective tracks, and then play the game to correctly match each track with its owner.
  • Dory’s Memory Game - Can you remember all the Finding Nemo characters to help Dory out?
  • Seaworld Memory Challenge - Click on each button to repeat the pattern of animals as they light up in sequence.
  • Fish Memory Game - This matching game will help kids to improve their memories while learning the names and appearance of different local fish.
  • Buried Memories - Remember where each item is buried and then help the dog retrieve the treat or toy he is looking for.
  • Match the Big Cats - Match the correct pictures of lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs!
  • Colored Words - In these challenging puzzles, kids have to match each colored word with its correct duplicate. Make sure the colors as well as the word are correct!
  • Alphabet Match Up - Match different words with the letters that they begin with.
  • Memory Chunking - See how your brain remembers letters better when they are in chunks rather than random strings.
  • Word Image Match - Flip the cards to match each word with its corresponding image.
  • Sight Words - Match all of the words with their corresponding cards and listen to how they are pronounced.
  • Match the Sums and Differences - Each of the cards in this game show a different math problem. Work out the sum or difference and match the cards with the same answer.
  • Music Matching - Listen to the musical tunes and try to duplicate them by clicking on the correct sounds in sequence.
  • Audio Memory Game - Instead of seeing a picture on each card in this matching game, users will hear a word instead. Match each audio word with its twin.
  • Classical Music Memory Game - In this fun game, kids have to match pairs of images of famous composers, as well as audio samples of famous classical pieces.
  • Language Game - As you flip the cards in this game, each one will show the word “hello” in a different language and play the audio version as well. Match all of them and learn how to greet people from other countries.
  • Job Matching - Correctly match each pair of pictures that depict people in their jobs to win this game.
  • Match the Clouds - In this tricky game, the player has to match each pair of clouds.
  • A Visit to India - Look at some beautiful pictures about Indian life and culture. When the cards are flipped, the player has to match the different pairs of images.
  • Pottery Game - Match the pictures of decorative Native American pottery in as few tries as possible.
  • Cub Scouts - See how much you remember about Cub Scouts by matching all the correct merit badges.
  • Archaeology Game - Uncover some amazing archaeological finds in this fun matching game.
  • Simon Says - Watch as a colored, musical button lights up. After each sequence has played, the player has to repeat it themselves. This game becomes harder with each step!
  • Favorite Snacks - Meet a bunch of animal friends and discover their favorite healthy snacks in this memory game.
  • Go Bag Memory Game - Try a memory game to learn about important items to take with you in an emergency survival kit.
  • Space Memory - Pair the matching NASA and space pictures together. When you are finished, view a slideshow that explains the story behind each image.
  • Picture Recall - View a collection of items and then see if you can remember each one well enough to write them down.
  • Jester’s Memory Spin - Memorize all of the items that revolve around the jester. When they stop and are covered with cloth, figure out where the jester’s desired item lies to win a point.
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