PC Keyboarding Skills

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It's important for everyone in the world to learn how to type and use a computer. If you have good typing skills then you will be able to be better in almost every part of your life, like at home, school, and even years later when you have a job! Right now is the best time for you to become an awesome typer, so you will have this great skill for the rest of your life and you won't have to learn it when you're older. When you learn to type, it's almost important that you sit correctly and keep your hands in the right place so you don't hurt yourself at the computer. Read all of the links below and learn to type while playing some really fun games!

Learning How to Type

  • Typing Tips – This quick list of tips will help you learn how to put your hands on the keyboard.
  • Typing Reference: Fingering – A color-coded guide that is a great reference for remembering where to put your fingers on the keys.
  • Typing Speed Test – A fun test to see how quickly you can type. Now you will know how much better you have to get!
  • Learn The Home Row Keys – Good keyboarding skills start with learning the basics, so let this helpful lesson teach you how to sit and put your hands on the keyboard.
  • Typing Certification Test – A typing test to practice typing speed and accuracy.
  • Terrific Typing Tips – A resource list that explains the top ten typing tips for kids and includes links to many helpful sites.
  • Keyboarding Techniques – Basic tips that will help improve your keyboarding skills in no time.
  • Keyboarding: Correct Sitting Position – An illustrated guide and helpful list of tips that will help you adopt good keyboarding habits.
  • Ducksters Typing Test – A typing test that offers beginner, novice, and expert levels.


Beginner Keyboard Practice

Intermediate Keyboard Practice

Keyboarding Games

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