PC Wholesale's Guide to Educational Computer Math Games

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Math can be a tough subject for a lot of students, but it can also be a lot of fun! With so many different ways to learn all about the basics of math online, there are plenty of great games and activities available that can help you learn your math skills. Try out some fun games that will help you practice and give you the extra motivation you need to do well at math. Whether it's adding and subtracting, learning about geometry, or discovering how to count money or tell time, math games make the subject a whole lot easier. Check out some of these fun games to help you improve your math skills.

Addition and Subtraction

  • Crazy Cones: Help the penguin make an awesome ice cream cone with this fun subtraction game.
  • Make 15: With this game, you will try to beat the computer to see who can come up with the number 15 first.
  • Math Match: You can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with this awesome game!
  • Number Invaders: You can practice adding and subtracting while trying to help save the planet from invaders.
  • Alien Addition: This cool space-themed game will help you learn your addition skills.
  • Funky Mummy: Solve the addition problem to choose the right mummy in this cool game.
  • Conveyor Belt Subtraction Game: Use the conveyor belt to figure out the answers to this subtraction game.

Multiplication and Division

  • Multiplication Game: You can play another player or just play the computer to help you learn more about multiplication with this game.
  • Fishing Multiplication Game: Multiply the numbers and click the right fish to catch it!
  • Bonk the Mole: See the answer, then click on the mole that is holding the problem that has that answer.
  • Apple Baskets Division: This simple game helps make understanding division much easier.
  • Division Bingo: Use this simple game to help you learn more about division.
  • Fishy Games: This site has cool interactive games for multiplication and much more!
  • Three Rabbits Game: Play this fun game to help you improve on both your multiplication and division skills.


  • Geo Matho: Try to identify the different shapes by playing the Geo Matho game!
  • Shape Surveyor: This game is designed to help kids understand the different shapes, angles, and perimeters in geometry.
  • Tangram Game: This is based on an ancient Chinese game that lets you put different shapes together to create an object. It's lots of fun!
  • Transformation Game: Put together the different pieces to create the matching geometric shape.
  • Geometry Word Find: Find the words that are related to each geometric term or definition.
  • Naming Shapes: This easy game helps you learn to match the shape with its name so you can identify the many shapes in geometry.
  • Angles Memory Game: This game is a great way to help you learn the many different angles in geometry.


  • Do You Have Enough Money? Look at the money you have and the price of the item, then decide if you have enough money to buy it.
  • Perry's Pennies: Help the pig collect as many coins as you can so you can win!
  • Dollar Dive: Try to collect as much money as you can to get your boat safely home. Presidential $1 coins count for more points.
  • Design Your Own Money: This is a fun interactive game that lets you design your very own money!
  • Escape From Barter Islands: A really cool game shows you how trading can be used instead of money to get goods.
  • Money Word Search: This word search game has you looking for words related to monetary policy, the economy, and more.
  • Count On It: An awesome game will help you learn about coins and what their values are, so you can buy things in the virtual supermarket.


  • Clock Test Game: See how well you know how to tell time by playing the clock test game!
  • Bedtime Bandits: Blast the falling clocks to try to add minutes to your bedtime in this game.
  • Match Up Time: This simple matching game lets you learn about identifying the hands on the clock.
  • Tick Tock Time: Set the clock hands to match the given time.
  • What Time Will it Be? Read the instructions to move the clock hands to various times and see how well you can do!
  • Bang On Time: For this game, you will read the time in words then stop the clock when the hands reach the correct time.
  • Santa's Telling Time Clock: Help Santa figure out what time it is by placing the clock hands on the correct time.
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