5 Cloud Computing and Networking Trends in 2014

Photo courtesy of Flickr: George Thomas

This year has been an amazing year for the networking world and even more so for cloud computing. And that trends looks like it will continue, as small and mid-size businesses get ever more comfortable with concepts like the cloud. In this quick blog post, I am going to illustrate this point and discuss five cloud computing trends we are currently seeing in 2014.

Apps in the Cloud

One huge growth area with, in my eyes, unlimited potential is the cloud-based application arena. Multi-platform-compatible software that resides in the cloud offers so many opportunities for businesses and developers alike, allowing end users to run apps no matter where they are located and independent of the device they are using.

Even the gaming industry seems to have their eye on cloud computing solutions as a way to bypass standard video game platforms and move to game networking. The minds behind Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox have discussed this possibility when asked about the future of their next gaming platform and even in their current gaming model, like Sony's PlayStation Now streaming game service, due out this summer.

Security in the Cloud

With the recent outbreak of malware and the unfortunate Heartbleed exploit coming to light, enterprise and networking security companies are looking for the next big thing in security and identity management. There is even talk of doing away with traditional passwords and moving on to the next evolution of security, with ideas ranging from biorhythmic solutions (fingerprint and retina scanners) to card swipers.

As more and more companies rely on cloud computing to run their businesses, you can bet that cloud security will be a growing concern.

Graphics in the Cloud

One fascinating entry in the cloud realm is the advent of graphics as a service. Instead of relying on powerful hardware to run graphic-intensive applications, such as video editors and video games (see the note about Sony and Microsoft above), some services are now popping up that let you launch your fancy-pants graphic-intensive software from the cloud versus your desktop.

Analyzing in the Cloud

As big data makes the jump to cloud-based technologies, it only follows suit that big data analytics is set to be a big money-maker. Allowing the worlds of IT and big business to merge and letting business owners truly understand every aspect of their corporation will always be a much-sought-after service.

Cloud Platforms

Aside from sounding cool, like something out of a Wachowski sci-fi flick, platform as a service (PaaS) is a great alternative for companies and development shops to increase efficiency and productivity without busting their budget. Some analysts are anticipating this already multi-billion-dollar segment of the industry to quadruple in the next few years. InfoWorld has a great explanation of PaaS, featuring an interview with the founder and president of CloudBees, a PaaS company.

These are only a few of the growing trends in the cloud computing and networking world. While it started as a buzzword and is still confusing to a lot of non-industry users today, the cloud has truly risen above perception issues and placed its mark firmly on the future of all things tech.

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