HP 3600-24-SFP EI

All modules are guaranteed compatible with the HP 3600-24-SFP EI router or switch
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
JD061A1000BASE-LX 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$199.95
JD062A1000BASE-ZX 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$199.95
JD063B1000BASE-LH 70km SMF 1550nm SFP$149.95
JD089B1000BASE-T 100m RJ45 SFP$59.95
JD090A100BASE-LX/LH 40km SMF 1310nm SFP$399.95
JD091A100BASE-ZX 80km SMF 1550nm SFP$199.95
JD098B1000BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$69.95
JD099B1000BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$69.95
JD100A100BASE-BX-U Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1310nm/1490nm SFP$79.95
JD101A100BASE-BX-D Bi-Directional 10km SMF 1490nm/1310nm SFP$79.95
JD102B100BASE-FX 2km MMF 1310nm SFP$69.95
JD103A1000BASE-EX 100km SMF 1550nm SFP$399.95
JD109A1000BASE-CWDM 1550nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD110A1000BASE-CWDM 1570nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD111A1000BASE-CWDM 1590nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD112A1000BASE-CWDM 1610nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD113A1000BASE-CWDM 1470nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD114A1000BASE-CWDM 1490nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD115A1000BASE-CWDM 1510nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD116A1000BASE-CWDM 1530nm 70km SMF SFP$189.95
JD118B1000BASE-SX 550m MMF 850nm SFP$39.95
JD119B1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$39.95
JD120B100BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP$79.95
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