1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP (HP Compatible)

JD119B - 1000BASE-LX 10km SMF 1310nm SFP
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Guaranteed CompatibleWill Not Void OEM WarrantyNo hassle returns. What's this?IBM, Boeing, and AT&T Trust PC Wholesale. Should You?Lifetime Warranty
Fiber/Cable TypeSingle-Mode Fiber (SMF)
ConnectorLC Duplex Connector
Digital Output MonitoringNo
HP 10504HP 10508HP 10508-VHP 12508HP 12518HP 1420-16GHP 1420-24G-2SFPHP 1905-10G-PoEHP 1905-24HP 1905-24-PoEHP 1905-48HP 1905-8-PoEHP 1910-48GHP 1910-16GHP 1910-24HP 1910-24GHP 1910-24G-PoEHP 1910-48HP 1910-8HP 1910-8GHP 1920-8GHP 1920-16GHP 1920-24GHP 1920-48GHP 3100-16 v2 EIHP 3100-24 v2 EIHP 3100-24-PoE v2 EIHP 3100-48 v2HP 3100-8 v2 EIHP 3600-24 EIHP 3600-24 v2 EIHP 3600-24-PoE EIHP 3600-24-SFP EIHP 3600-24-SFP v2 EIHP 3600-48 EIHP 3600-48 v2 EIHP 3600-48-PoE EIHP 5120 16G SIHP 5120 24G SIHP 5120 48G SIHP 5500-24G EIHP 5500-24G-PoE EIHP 5500-24G-SFP EIHP 5500-48G EIHP 5500-48G-PoE EIHP 5500-24G-4SFP-HIHP 5500-24G-SFP HIHP 5500-48G-4SFP-HIHP 5800-24GHP 5800-24G-SFPHP 5800-48GHP 5800-48G-PoEHP 5800AF-48GHP 5820AF-24XGHP 5830AF-48GHP 5830AF-96GHP 5920AF-24XGHP 5930HP 6602HP 6604HP 6608HP 6616HP 7503HP 7506HP 7506-VHP 7510HP 7904HP 7910HP 8802HP 8805HP 8808-VHP 8812HP HSR6602-GHP HSR6602-XGHP HSR6602-G TAAHP HSR6602-XG TAAHP HSR6802HP HSR6804HP HSR6808HP MSR1002-4 ACHP MSR1003-8 ACHP MSR1003-8S ACHP MSR20-10HP MSR20-11HP MSR20-12HP MSR20-12-THP MSR20-12-T-WHP MSR20-12-WHP MSR20-13HP MSR20-13-WHP MSR20-15HP MSR20-15-AHP MSR20-15-IHP MSR20-20HP MSR20-21HP MSR20-40HP MSR2003 ACHP MSR2004-24 ACHP MSR2004-48HP MSR2003 TAAHP MSR30-10HP MSR30-10 DCHP MSR30-11HP MSR30-11EHP MSR30-11FHP MSR30-16HP MSR30-16 PoEHP MSR30-20HP MSR30-20 DCHP MSR30-20 PoEHP MSR30-40HP MSR30-40 DCHP MSR30-40 PoEHP MSR30-60HP MSR30-60 DCHP MSR30-60 PoEHP MSR3012 ACHP MSR3012 DCHP MSR3024 ACHP MSR3024 DCHP MSR3024 PoEHP MSR3044HP MSR3064HP MSR3024 TAAHP MSR4060HP MSR4080HP MSR4000 TAAHP MSR50-40HP MSR50-60HP MSR 900HP MSR 900-WHP MSR 920HP MSR 920-W

JD119B-PCW, generic for HP JD119B, is guaranteed compatible for your router or switch. All transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to insure they are in perfect physical and working condition.

PC Wholesale guarantees JD119B-PCW will work in your HP device.

All PC Wholesale transceivers come with a lifetime warranty and lifetime technical support.

If you have any questions about this or any other item, feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-877-623-2373. We have networking specialists ready to assist you.

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